February 28: Sleep It All Away

I slept most of the day. So there really isn’t anything to write. Last night brandan wanted me to go pick him up from his brothers’ place so at 8:30 I left to  do that. Boy, my night vision is not good at all. All of the lights were blurring into one big blob. I picked him up and we stopped at Taco Bell and stayed in the line for about 30 minutes. Taco Bell got expensive. Just for him to eat it cost $13. Jeez!!

Not much else to tell about. I did dishes today and put mounds of laundry away.

Here’s my Fitbit from last night and there was slight bingeing of the strawberry pack of dried fruit. I’m out of that now so no more. I have a bag of pretzels left and a jar of sunflower seeds left. At least I bring in semi healthy stuff. LOL

Ah oh well. It won’t let me post my Fitbit. So that’s it. 



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