Hello, Monday!

It’s Monday. We’ve made it through the weekend and oh boy what a long long weekend it was. I said it was a blur on my facebook page but that’s because it was so long that I forgot everything that happened because it was so damned long. Like I said before, I slept most of Saturday away an then it didn’t feel like I had just been to the salon to get my hair done one day before. Time seems like it flies but yet it goes so slow. Does that even make a bit of sense?  It’s like I’m suspended in the air and time is going by slowly but things that have happened and are happening flash by me but the flash is in slow motion. I must not make a bit of sense. Don’t mind me. I’m just mental!

I went to bed at 8 last night and I took about 2 mouthfuls of the sunflower seeds. They didn’t taste too good to me. I think I’m going to put them in the kitchen. They taste pretty rank and I usually love them. Maybe I’m just associating them with bingeing and I’m not finding them appealing?  I did go to Family Dollar today. I had to buy some snacks for Mini’s snack time at school and while I was there I ended up buying all of the rest of the strawberry dried fruit and also three packs of the Orange to try. They were out of the grape. Bummer. I really liked the grape. Too bad Mini doesn’t like dried fruit. These would be the perfect snack for him as well. I got two packages of vanilla Oreos. One for the house and one for the week for Mini. I also picked up a pack of red velvet Oreos and I put that in the bedroom. It’s half the size of a normal pack of Oreos and I want to try them first and honestly, I don’t know if I want to share!  They always eat all the damned oreos before I can even get one all the time. If it leads to late night binges then I will have to take them out. Honestly, I’m expecting to not even like them. Most of the flavored Oreos have been a flop for me except for the mint ones and the banana split ones. Those banana split were the best. I wonder if they will ever come back out with those?  Hmmm…

So, I put one loaf of laundry away and then I washed a load. Now that’s in the dryer. I took a freezer bag of red beans out for dinner. Crap!  I think I’m out of rice and I wanted to buy some at the store and I forgot to. Oh well. Either we eat it without rice or I go back. Which do you think it will be? LOL

I have that Sprint Narwhals song stuck in my head and I can’t stop singing it!  I was singing it loud last night after I got Mini out of the shower and he proclaimed it was now on the banned list with Let It Go!  Oh well!  I don’t care. It’s fun to sing!!

My phone is screaming at me to put it on the charger. It has 4% battery left. So that’s all for now. Was just a quick hello!!

Later taters! 


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