What a Dreary Day 

It’s such a dreary day here. There’s no sun shining today. Guess what this stupid ass did? This dumbass girl left her house when it was a drizzle and decided to go to the grocery store. When she came out it was a full blown rain and she had NO umbrella!  Yeah!  That’s my dumbass move of the day!  I deserved Starbucks after that so that’s exactly where I went after I picked up my refills from CVS. 

Oh, get this!  I got my Ativan filled on February 1st so I asked if I could get the refill on it (I had one left). They said it can’t be filled until the 29!!! What dafuq?!?!  I have about 14 pills left!  I can’t run out because then I will go through withdrawals. I’ve been through that with Klonopin before when I didn’t think I needed to refill so soon and that was not fun. I thought I was dying. What am I going to do?  I take at least one or two a day depending on where I go or what I do. The freaking 29th. This new insurance is on my shit list!! I never had this problem with my old insurance. Bah!!

So, I got groceries and I originally was going to cook chicken and dumplings today but I feel too lazy to cook so I got some French bread and a pound of roast beef, some Swiss cheese, and some shredded lettuce to make sandwiches tonight. Sounds good to me! Hubs and Mini love sandwich night. 

Brandan is still over at Little Orphan Annie’s house. He will be coming home tomorrow when her mom has an appointment over here where we live. He thought I was going to be mad at him but what am I going to do?  It’s one extra day and I don’t have to go get him so I don’t really care at this point. I asked him if he and Annie (Courtney) were back together and he said she would tell him today. Again, wtf?  She cheats on HIM and he has to wait for HER to tell him if they can get back together. Man, he should just ditch her lying ass!  

Funny news is that Brandan’s brother, Tyler, seems to be dating Courtney’s sister, Katelyn.  I’ve mentioned this before but Brandan said Tyler was there earlier and it was like 8am and I said wtf was Tyler doing there so early and he said Dude, he slept here!  My jaw hit the floor (seriously)!! I said that there aren’t enough sofas and asked where he slept and he said dude (again) he slept in Kate’s bed.  My first reaction and also my text reply was OHH EMM GEE!!!!! That’s the first time ever I think Tyler has ever had a girlfriend and the first time ever he’s stayed by a girl’s house. And in the same bed? Whoooooooa!!! That’s something else right there!! Go Tyler! 

I’m in a so so mood today. I didn’t enjoy being wet today and I knew soon as I left my house and turned onto the Main Street that I should’ve went back for my umbrella. I did go in the grocery without a panic attack and it wasn’t Winn Dixie!  It wasn’t quite Walmart though but it was close. lol It was Walmart Neighborhood Market and it was not too crowded. Of course it wasn’t. Because it was raining!!! :/

I got in and went down every aisle. I know I probably forgot to get some stuff because I didn’t bring a list but I think I got everything for my chicken and dumplings and that’s really why I went to the store. I got stuff to make jambalaya too. Other than that, I don’t know what the rest of the $110 was spent on!! I can’t even remember and that’s bad. I know we have lots of meat in the freezer so I didn’t buy any today. I know I bought rice and potatoes and instant potatoes so there’s my sides. I bought coffee. Oh I bought stuff for hot dogs and now I can’t remember the rest of it. That’s BAD!! 

I’m sitting here as usual in the chair, smoking coffee and sipping cigarettes. LMAO you know what I mean!!! Hehehe smoking cigarettes AND sipping coffee!! I made a funny !  My pants leg bottoms are still wet. I have one cat in my lap and one cat on my feet and my wet pants legs which is why I know they are still wet. I’m getting a little sleepy but it’s too late to take a nap. Mini will be home in about an hour or so. He will be happy that I remembered to buy him a sub sandwich from the grocery. He got mad that I bought Brandan one last time and not him. Jeez! I didn’t even know the kid would eat one!!  So now he has a nice ham and Swiss waiting for him. Hopefully that will put him in a good mood after school. 😉

I guess that’s it for now. I have something that I want to write about but I’ll save it for later because my phone is screaming at me that it only has 6% battery left!



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