I’m So Sleepy

I’m so so sleepy and unmotivated today. Yes, I know that this is most days for me but this is a sleepiness that is deep inside me. I can’t stop yawning. I keep nodding off sitting up. I have had two big large iced lattes (that I made at home) and I’m still deeply tired. Let’s not even talk about how lazy and unmotivated I am today. I am flat out lazy today and I’m not afraid to say it. I even text my hubs saying, “I slept and sat on my ass all day. I’m not cooking and I’ve been lazy and can admit it.” That’s amazingly lazy for me to do that. :/ I forgot. I even drank half of a liter of Mt Dew too! Nothing is curing this sleepiness today. 

Here’s something totally of subject and random. My bedroom door opened around 4/5am and I didn’t see anyone come in. It wasn’t the cats because the door was completely shut and if it would have been them they would’ve jumped on the bed. It wasn’t Brandan and hubs said he didn’t open it either so what the actual fuck is up with that?? The door just can’t open by itself now, can it?? Totally freaky. Needless to say, I really couldn’t go back to sleep after that. And then there was the night before that I dreamt about two snakes crawling on my neck and I had a fit because my hubs (who is deathly and cripplingly afraid of snakes) wouldn’t help get them off of me. So I didn’t get much sleep Tuesday night because that dream happened around 1am. Then last night I went to bed thinking about the snakes so I was up an extra hour later because of it. I decided to get up and eat a bowl of cereal at 9pm instead of just lying there. lol

Still no bingeing. You know I have been reading articles talking about binge eating and they all spell bingeing like this binging so I’ve been spelling it wrong and now it is going to take me forever to reteach myself the correct way. But anyways, there has still, I’m proud to say, no binging!!! I’m so proud of myself. It is a good feeling knowing that I am overpowering something as strong as the force of binge eating! Go me!!  As a matter of fact, I haven’t been eating much at all lately. I don’t eat or snack all day like I used to and I don’t do it at night either. If I get hungry at night I eat a bowl of cereal. I love cereal! 

I don’t think there is anymore to cover. There’s not much going on here. There never seems to have much going on with me. Yall must think that my life is so boring. lol That’s okay. I would agree with you!  It’s hard to have an interesting life when you’re stuck in the house all day long with nothing but chores to do and facebook to browse and books to read. And of course sleep. I’m just a bundle of fun!!

I haven’t been posting pics of myself because they would all look the same. Hair in a clip, glasses on, no makeup, and an assortment of black band t-shirts. 

Here: this post is brought to you by Godsmack!




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