Insert Scream Here

This staying home shit is for the birds!!  I am dying of boredom!!  No money to even go get a coke… Not much gas in my car to warrant me taking a ride anywhere. I can’t take it much longer!  Mini’s dad is coming to get him for Spring Break and bring him back up to Kentucky for the week. Tomorrow I will finally get to get out of the house. Unfortunately, it’s to drive two hours to meet up with him to do the hand of. I’m not looking forward to that drive but I guess beggars shouldn’t be choosy about where they get to drive to when they’ve been stuck in the house for two weeks. Such is life. 

Stuck in the house… Good thing I have a corner store and a bank with quarters in it or I wouldn’t have gotten my Starbucks drink this morning. This drive doesn’t count. I can literally get to the store from my house in twenty seconds by car. (A minute by foot). So, I stole quarters out of my hub’s jar of change and bought myself a drink. If he knew I went into it he would scream and holler at me. Whatev 

Let’s see… What did I do today?  Pretty much the same as I’ve done all week… Wake up and get Mini on the bus, go back to sleep, wake up and fold and do a load of laundry,and sit here. Only thing different is that I packed Mini’s suitcase as well. 

And I just typed a whole entire post and my app crashed and now I’m screaming silently and wanting to throw my phone!!  Maybe I will rewrite it later! Fucking WordPress piece of shit……………


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