My Day So Far

I’m all hyped up on caffeine!! I’ve already been to Starbucks twice and I just went to Sonic and got an order of cheddar peppers and an XL sweet peach tea. Because of the TWO XL sweet peach teas I had yesterday I was up in my bed restless until 2am!!!! Am I setting myself up for another late and sleepless night? Probably so!  Somehow I still managed to wake up at 8am this morning. I literally popped out of bed. My neck and back (where my bulged disks are) were hurting like a bitch but I still got up and got dressed and was off to Starbucks bright and early. I picked up my Ativan from CVS. I even went to Walmart Market on that trip!  I used the self checkout thingie and on the last item it goes bonkers and says wait for assistance but there was no assistance for five minutes. I was contemplating leaving all my groceries there and leaving. Finally someone came right when I was about to bolt. LOL stupid buns causing trouble for me!!

I came home and put everything away and cleaned the icebox out, washed a pot that had leftover jambalaya in it, cleaned the counter and the table off and swept the floor. Funny thing is that it doesn’t look like I did shit!!  That’s what I hate about this house. It’s so dark and monotone that when you clean something it still looks dirty. I miss my apartment from two years ago (when I moved out for a year).  It was so nice and small and easy to clean and bright!  I hate this house. I don’t feel like it’s really mine even though I’ve been living here for five years now. It’s drab and almost all the things in the house are mine but I still don’t feel like it’s home. :/ I know it is but I can’t explain it I guess. 

C’est La Vie, right?


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