Psych Visit

i had a successful psych visit today. First off let me say that the first thing I did was get on the scale. Now last time I was there was March 20th or so and I weighed 296. Today I weighed 276!!!!!  I lost twenty pounds in two months!! I’m ecstatic!!  I still have a long long way to go but that is encouraging to me. I really did it!!

I had to bring Mini with me because Brandan is at his girlfriend’s house and I didn’t have anyone to get Mini off of the bus so he stayed home from school today. He was very good during the appointment. He played his DS and we never heard a peep out of him. 

First we went over the weight. Then we went over meds. She wasn’t too upset that I took myself off of the Effexor. She didn’t say anything at all. She just dismissed it. Then we talked about my huge panic attack. She asked if it ever happened again. Thank god NO!!  She asked me to sign a release so she could get my hospital records from my stay and she said she would get a copy to me which is good because I still don’t even know really what the hell went on with that whole ordeal. 

She asked me how my mood was and I said it’s pretty good except for the nervous energy I have during the day. I told her about the job that my old boss called me about (I don’t think I wrote about that here yet ).  My old boss called me last Friday asking if I was working and if I was still looking for a job and if I was available. He asked me about commuting and whether I was looking for part time or full time. I answered all of his questions. He said there may be a job opening up and he thought of me. Now he has me pumped and excited over this but I think I’m getting my hopes up because he’s the kind of guy that will ask about something and then Forget and hire someone else. I tried calling him Monday and it went to voice mail so I left a message. I’m going to be relentless with this one. 

Anyway, I told my psych about this and the possibility for me to have an outlet for all of my nervous energy and my boredom during the day. She said it would be a good thing. She also suggested my joining a gym or a support group. I don’t have money for a gym and I am too panicky to open up and talk in front of a group of people. No way. 

We didn’t really go over much else. I told her that I don’t really see things anymore and the voices seem to have stopped. She says I have made great progress.  She wrote out all my new prescriptions and printed out my patient summary and then I left. Uneventful good appointment. 

I’m still over the moon over the weight loss. We have an old digital scale in the bathroom and I got on it over the weekend and it said 274 and I told my husband it must be broken because there’s no way I weigh that much. I weigh more than that. The scale proved me wrong!!  

Now I need to get a short term goal in place. I need to go down to 250 which is about the weight I was before I started gaining on these meds. So that’s my goal. Another 20 pounds for now. I’m so proud of myself for doing this on my own. Thanks to no more binge eating and to eating only one big meal a day I am doing it. 

Little by little… 



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